JAYHood – Alright ft. Ex Global

South African rapper JayHood feels everything is “Alright” with his pal Ex Global in a new song.

“Alright” is a song of patent rap appeal – a great tune that’s right there in your face with energy that you can’t resist. Not bad.

Though the song might be fascinating, it doesn’t sit at the top of the songster’s achievement. Nope. He’s delivered better tunes. But that’s by the way.

In a music scene where artists seem to come and leave as soon as they make a hit song, JayHood has demonstrated excellent staying potential. So if you’re into South African music and happen to be interested in checking out fast-rising voices, you wouldn’t want to pass on JayHood on that list.

The songster and Ex Global make not only close friends but great associates as well. This much should be clear from the songs they have collectively.

Do you think JayHood’s “Alright” is alright? Do you see yourself rocking the number all day? Then, you may want to stream the song below.

JAYHood – Alright ft. Ex Global

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music

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