Jayms Features Loufi On “Wit Skoene”

Listen to Jayms' "Wit Skoene" featuring Loufi

Loufi features on a new stunner titled “Wit Skoene” by Jayms.

There are artists who just blow your mind the moment you hear them for the first time. Same goes for disc jockeys. Sometimes it feels like some have the beat of your heart memorized because they create music and beats that resonate with you.

It is not hard to get sucked in by the works of some disc jockeys. If it is a dope joint, then you would definitely be into it. Disc jockey, Jayms is great at crafting music beats. The producer is known for some very successful mixes including “Ghosts In My Head”, and “It’s Coming” Original Mixes.

Now he’s out with a new one. He calls this one “Wit Skoene” and it doesn’t disappoint. It features additional contributions from Loufi who of course blends into the mix. You can’t afford to pass on this so you might want to have a listen.

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