Jazzuelle Premieres Quantum States EP

Deep house DJ and producer Jazzuelle explores disparate experiences in a new body of work which he titled “Quantum States.”

Jazzuelle’s “Quantum States,” a 5-song compilation, premiered on Apple Music and other digital platforms today 4 December 2020. The project begins with an eponymous song and ends on a note of “War,” a collaborative with Messive Music.

Jazzuelle effortlessly draws the listener into the world he creates with his project. Though not divine and certainly not cosmic, this world is a place to be in, a place you might find yourself exploring on repeat.

The songs in this compilation might be few, but they manage to not only snap attention but to retain it as well. It’s all grand following Jazzuelle as he drives the motors of his soul into various vistas, in collaboration with some of his pals, including Absxntminded, Lejazz, and Simeon.

If you are looking for an energizing and beautifully exerting musical journey, you might want to embrace “Quantum States.”

Well, how would you rate “Quantum States” by Jazzuelle? Is it a compilation to explore over and over and perhaps share? You might want to stream the project below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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