JL SA, Msongi & Andy Keys – Hamba Nathi

Today marks the release of “Hamba Nathi,” a standout track by JL SA, featuring Msongi and Andy Keys, from the upcoming album of the same name. This release sets the stage for the full album, scheduled to drop on May 10, 2024, promising a blend of vibrant rhythms and compelling vocals that Amapiano fans eagerly anticipate.

“Hamba Nathi” lasts eight minutes, a testament to the layered, immersive style typical of Amapiano—a genre that continues to captivate the South African music scene and beyond. The track showcases a collaborative effort among the artists, blending distinctive vocal talents with intricate instrumental backdrops. This song is about musical experimentation and forging a connection with the audience through its rhythmic journey.

The forthcoming album, “Hamba Nathi,” promises a collection of seven tracks, each featuring a unique fusion of sounds and guest artists that enhance JL SA’s vision. Songs like “Bawo” and “eMoyeni” suggest a mix of deep emotional themes and upbeat tempos, catering to diverse listener preferences. The collaborations with artists like Somculo Omnandi, Snesouls, and POPTORI further hint at the album’s rich musical diversity.

Early reception to “Hamba Nathi” indicates strong listener enthusiasm, mirroring the success of other recent hits in the Amapiano scene. Critics and fans alike highlight the song’s ability to maintain traditional Amapiano elements while introducing fresh, innovative sounds that signify the genre’s evolving nature.

As “Hamba Nathi” hits the airwaves and streaming platforms, it paves the way for the full album’s release, setting high expectations for what is to come. The track itself, with its extended playtime and collaborative spirit, is a clear indicator of the album’s potential impact on the South African music charts and possibly internationally.

This early peek into JL SA’s album through “Hamba Nathi” suggests that the full release will be a significant addition to the Amapiano genre, blending traditional elements with new-age musical explorations. As the release date approaches, all eyes will be on this album to deliver on its promising beginnings.

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Hamba Nathi Album Details

Artist: JL SA
Genre: Amapiano
Release Date: May 10, 2024
Track Count: 7
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 South Africa – Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd under exclusive license from Jackson Lucky Motla


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Bawo (feat. Somculo Omnandi) JL SA 3:38 Unreleased
2 Hamba Nathi JL SA, Msongi & Andy Keys 8:00 Released
3 eMoyeni (feat. Snesouls & POPTORI) JL SA & Tee Jay 7:30 Unreleased
4 Ngenziwa ngabantu (feat. Lington, Msongi, Kaymor & TYCOON) JL SA 7:25 Unreleased
5 Darli (feat. Kaymor, Aymor SA, Magistics SA & Msongi) JL SA 7:42 Unreleased
6 Uthando (feat. Snesouls, Pellow & Casswell P) JL SA & Somculo Omnandi 6:52 Unreleased
7 Mjolo JL SA & Cici 7:26 Unreleased

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