Jo Black Enlists Refentse For “Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge”

returns to UbeToo with a charming tune titled “Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge,” featuring Refentse.

It’s been several months since treated us to his self titled “ Live” project. The months may have elapsed, but the songster remains his charming musical self. This much should be obvious from the song in review.

could not have made a finer choice in a guest artioste. He and refetse shared great musical synergy and their performance tpgether may as well pass for poetry. They’re good

It is weekend, and “Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge” strikes us a song many would like to vibe with not just today but into another week – speaking of he nuts out there. In fat, just about any lover of good music will appreciate what and his pal have but together.

The titled song does not qualify as the lead singer’s finest. Far from it. It is yet a song that can fly on its own, a song that will not beg for fans. You gotta check it out.

What do you think of “Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge” by and Refentse? Would you rate the number?