Johnny Clegg & Msaki – Hoping For A Miracle

Johnny Clegg and Msaki are “Hoping For A Miracle” – or so they make apparent in a new song which you can stream here and now.

Having Johnny Clegg and Msaki on the same number is all shades of exciting. The only difference is that one is living, and the other has long exited the material plane. So, how were they able to pull this off?

Well, Johnny Clegg is long dead, and “Hoping For A Miracle” is one of his most memorable numbers yet. Msaki apparently has a great affinity with this tune, so she decided to reimagine it her way. By her admission, she’s “honoured” to be on this song by one of South Africa’s iconic singers, who died on 16 July 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The reimagining of this song is indirectly an affirmation of the legacy of the singer-songwriter and anthropologist, who also fought the apartheid regime in his day.

We think highly of “Hoping For A Miracle,” and we are confident that you will also love the track. It touches the soul in a way that is at once comforting and cosmic. Yes. You can’t go wrong electing to listen to this track. Let the music begin.

Johnny Clegg & Msaki – Hoping For A Miracle

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