Joyous Celebration – Mnini Mandla Onke

It’s all joy from the orbit of Joyous Celebration as the collective croons a new number titled “Mnini Mandla Onke.”

Since its founding over two decades ago, the music collective has been affirming the power of God through its songs, giving the Christian race reasons not to falter in the march to the celestial city.

Their song in review bears similar energy and appeal. It’s an affirmation of God’s all-powerful nature and invariably what he can do in the lives of those who seek him.

Joyous Celebration has released several songs since its founding. If you’re a fan of the music group, it’s easy to see that “Mnini Mandla Onke” is one of the memorable drops from the group yet – especially in the lives of those whose faith appear to be faltering.

It’s hard to listen to this song and not somehow be consumed by a fire to serve and show yourself worthy before God.

“Mnini Mandla Onke” is a fine addition to the body of music out there, and we rate it high. Joyous Celebration has released another winner that will keep many souls aflame for God’s Kingdom. You gotta savor this number for all it’s worth.

Joyous Celebration – Mnini Mandla Onke

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