J&S Projects & Mmata Magic – Isela Ft. Sammy East & Siphe Magoda

J&S Projects & Mmata Magic Unveil "Isela" Featuring Sammy East & Siphe Magoda

J&S Projects, in collaboration with Mmata Magic, have unveiled their latest track titled “Isela.” The song, which features the talents of Sammy East and Siphe Magoda, is set to be a significant addition to the deep house genre, resonating with fans and enthusiasts alike.

Scheduled for release on September 29, 2023, the track is already generating buzz among music aficionados. The song’s presence on Juno Download, a prominent platform for music enthusiasts, further underscores its anticipated impact in the music community.

The collaboration between J&S Projects and Mmata Magic is noteworthy, given their individual reputations in the music industry. Their combined expertise, coupled with the vocal prowess of Sammy East and Siphe Magoda, promises a track that is both melodious and rhythmically captivating.

However, while the song’s release is eagerly awaited, some critics argue that collaborations, though often resulting in hits, can sometimes overshadow individual artist talents. It remains to be seen how “Isela” will fare in this regard, but early indications suggest that the song will be well-received.

Fans of deep house and music enthusiasts are advised to mark their calendars and stay tuned for the official release of “Isela.” Given the track record of the artists involved, it’s poised to be a chart-topping hit.


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