Juice WRLD – Righteous

Juice WRLD releases posthumous new song "Righteous"

Listen to Juice WRLD’s posthumous new song titled “Righteous”.

Sometimes it is still hard to come to terms with Jucie WRLD’s death but his music makes us feel even closer to him. That’s definitely the legacy he left behind. He died last December at Chicago Midway International Airport after suffering a drug-induced seizure.

Some how, that’s what this new song is all about. The new posthumous release titled “Righteous” talks about a young man who struggles with an addiction to drugs which finally claims his life. Sound familiar? Fans of the late singer will surely find this one really shocking because it’s like taking a look into his life before his death.

In the song, he opens up about being high most of the time which leaves him feeling dark. This shows he struggled with so much before his death. You might want to hear this one because it feels really honest and true.

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