Jullian Gomes – Bruno & The Birds Album

Jullian Gomes lights up the airwaves with the new “Bruno & The Birds” album.

What’s a weekend without new music to enjoy? Thanks to our favorite hitmakers, we have more than enough to enjoy. Joining the list of hitmakers with a new project, Jullian Gomes makes an appearance with a new album.

He also dropped a few singles this year. The House music hitmakers teamed up with Jordan Arts and released “Home.” He released the solo jam “uHambo” in September and followed it with “Let Me Go” featuring contributions from Kuniyuki Takahashi and Sio in October. The songs were all impressive.

He has now released his new album “Bruno & The Birds.” It houses nine tracks and features Jordan Arts, Sabrina Chyld, Dwson, Sio, Robin Fassie, and more. They all did a great job on it. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

Bruno & The Birds Album


1 Fear Flying Jullian Gomes 5:12
2 Home Jullian Gomes & Jordan Arts 6:20
3 How ? (feat. Sabrina Chyld) Jullian Gomes 6:37
4 Intruder Jullian Gomes & Dwson 6:22
5 Traffic (Interlude) Jullian Gomes 1:22
6 Let Me Go Jullian Gomes, Kuniyuki Takahashi & Sio 6:55
7 uHambo Jullian Gomes 7:20
8 Purple Trees (feat. Robin Fassie & K.J.M. Cornetist) Jullian Gomes 6:38
9 Amaro’s Heart Jullian Gomes 6:17


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