K.O Assists Loki On SkhandaWorld Debut Titled “Section”

Loki Drops New Joint 'Section' Featuring K.O

Loki releases his highly anticipated joint ‘Section‘ Featuring K.O.

We’d be liars if we said we didn’t hold our breaths for about a minute before playing this new joint. We definitely didn’t know what to expect but we knew it would hit hard, and it sure did. Definitely, a track by Loki and K.O will of course be an incredible listen.

It hasn’t been long since Skhandaworld artiste, Loki announced that he had a new song featuring rapper, K.O. Whoever said K.O. isn’t the rapper he used to be must have busted ear drums because the rapper is killing it big time. The two artistes ride the beat like they were specially made to collaborate with each other.

Hip-hop fans would definitely love this one as it goes straight to your head the moment you play it. The airwaves will surely not know what hit it. “Section” is one crazy you should leave on repeat.

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