K.O, J’Something, Msaki & The Q Twins Links Of For A Song Of Home “Rainbow”

Capitec joins forces with rapper K.O, J’something, Msaki and DJ Tira’s duo artists Q Twins on a new song tagged “Rainbow”

The new song powered by the financial institution bothers on togetherness and in this time of uncertainties what better way to preach unity than with this awesome single.

The song sees K.O and J’something give absolute rap bars on the verses of the song to a mid solemn beat, complemented  by vocals from Msaki and the Q Twins, Vigi and Virgina.

The Q Twins also recently started a challenge online which sees social media users share pictures of them grooving to the song while using the #Rainbowchallenge, the winner will be then treated to a perfect song performance from the duo.

To ignite hope amidst this time, Capitec Bank challenged K.O, J’Something, Msaki & our very own Q Twins to write a ‘Song of Hope’ to get the nation singing together in solidarity. People contributed their lyrics by using #SongofHop on social medi helping the artists create a song for South Africa Hy South Africans. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Solidarity Fund in order to assist South Africans in need of relief during these trying times.

The Lockdown period has brought with it the emergence of great song, which not only entertain fans but also spread the message of hope.

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