Kabza De Small & Da Muziqal Chef – Indian Leafs

Kabza De Small & Da Muziqal Chef – Indian Leafs

Come right here, ye hungry of the earth. South African disc jockey and producer Kabza De Small and his pal Da Muziqal Chef have got good food for y’all. “Indian Leafs” is it.

This is not food as you know it – not something for your stomach. But then, we’re confident that this will make great food for your soul. So get ready for a sumptuous feast if you please.

Known as the Piano King, Kabza De small has been living up to that tag for as long as we can remember. He was already making amapiano music at a time the genre wasn’t popular and people were giving it a timeline to disappear.

Well, this class of people has mostly disappeared but amapiano music remains, snapping devotees from other genres with ease. And now it is near impossible to discuss piano music without somehow bringing in Kabza De Small’s name.

Da Muziqal Chef is who he is, a fine musical chef and maker of music that massages the soul. He’s worked with most key voices in South African music, so it isn’t surprising that he should be gound on the same number with Kabza de Small. embrace their offering, peeps.

Kabza De Small & Da Muziqal Chef – Indian Leafs

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