Kabza De Small ft Davido & Deeper Phill – Fall (Amapiano Remix)

If you are a big Davido fan, you probably already know that “Fall” is one of his biggest songs to date. Now imagine that song having an amapiano retouch. Well, that is what’s just happened. You heard that right

Kabza De Small, Davido and Deeper Phill present “Fall (Amapiano Remix),” which you can stream here and now. Most times, when the remix of a song is made, comparisons are also made between the original and the remixed version.

So you wouldn’t be out of place making a comparison here. Left to us, we will run with the original version. But then the amapiano remix is also a fine number and one that we expect will engage lovers of Yanos out there.

So if you fancy yourself a big piano music fan as well, then get ready for an illuminating musical experience. “Fall (Amapiano Remix)” is well worth the playtime. Go figure

Fall (Amapiano Remix)

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