Kabza De Small & Mthunzi – iSimo

Kabza De Small Collaborates with Mthunzi on "iSimo"

A Fresh Amapiano Anthem from South Africa’s Finest

In a recent musical revelation, South African singer-songwriter and renowned artist, Kabza De Small, unveiled his latest single titled “iSimo.” This track, which has been eagerly awaited by fans, underscores Kabza De Small’s exceptional talent and innovative approach to music.

The song “iSimo” is not just another addition to the Amapiano genre; it stands out with its distinctive sound and captivating melodies. As 2023 unfolds, this song is set to be one of Kabza De Small’s hallmark releases, reflecting his commitment to producing music that deeply resonates with his audience.

What makes “iSimo” even more special is the collaboration with award-winning music star, Mthunzi. Together, they have crafted a song that showcases their combined musical prowess and chemistry. Mthunzi’s contribution to the track adds a layer of depth, making it a compelling listen.

Fans and music enthusiasts are encouraged to delve into the magic of “iSimo.” With its enchanting tunes and the combined talents of Kabza De Small and Mthunzi, this song is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.


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