Kabza De Small & Stakev – Ululation

It’s time for a little “Ululation” thanks to and Stakev, two resonant voices in South Africa’s orbit. What you have there is a joint song from them, which is part of a collective compilation.

is the vehicle by which the two conveyed their message, and they did so beautifully. It is always fulfilling watching the two musicians together. This moment is no different, as they shared great musical synergy as usual.

“Ululation” is liberating in many respects – a number that will kick you to your feet and out of the grip of the drab. So if you are looking forward to a musical experience that you will be more than happy to welcome and share, then check out the song these musos have put together.

Amapaino is the in-thing in South Africa, and and Stakev are part of the few who might ensure things remain that way.

Go figure.

Kabza De Small & Stakev – Ululation

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