Kaleido & T&T MusiQ – Yizo Yizo ft. Sonini

Kaleido has put out new music, this time in collaboration with T&T MusiQ on a single they call “Yizo Yizo” on which they tapped Sonini for some help.

The new song comes from his new rollout, “Sgija Sa Mapantsula”. On the EP, he collaborated with a number of artists including Pushkin, Springle, Beneryc, T&T MusiQ and Sonini both appear twice and thrice respectively. For Sonini to have been put on three songs, it would only go to show the level of musical understanding and friendship existing between the pair. Everyone on the new record have worked with each other, so this was more of a friendly linkup.

If you can imagine three people pouring in different kinds of flavoured spices into a bowl then you have an idea what “Yizo Yizo” could be like. But even that is not enough. Go give it a spin. Hear things for yourself. It’s available on streaming platforms.

Kaleido & T&T MusiQ – Yizo Yizo ft. Sonini

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