Kay – Kumanxebanxeba Ft. DeeTheGeneral

If you’re feeling somewhat cold, there is a chance at warmth offered by no other than Kay via a new song titled “Kumanxebanxeba,” featuring DeeTheGeneral.

One thing with young and usually yet-to-be established artists is their lack of insight about self promotion and the use of social media, even while they aim for the top. They would share more pictures of themselves than they would of their music.

Even more puzzling is that they’d drop a new number without bothering to share a cover art for it, not realizing a cover art is another avenue to promote their music. This infraction is obvious about the song in review. But that’s by the way.

From listening to “Kumanxebanxeba,” one sees that the two artists on the song actually share a great musical connection, and fans would certainly love to see them link up again.

In the meantime, you should immerse yourself in what’s currently playing.

Kay – Kumanxebanxeba Ft. DeeTheGeneral

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