KayGee The Vibe & Leeto – 1632 EP

One rare moment when we have KayGee The Vibe without Bizizi. We have always loved those two as a team. Here, though, KayGee The Vibe linked up with Leeto for what the two titled “1632 EP.” We have no quarrel with this collaboration, of course.

Who would quarrel with a compilation that resonates on many levels and keeps boredom far away? Not us, really. The compilation bears just five songs and plays for exactly 37 minutes. In that short time, though, you get to experience great sonic power and make the decision that this EP is worth a second listening session.

It is unclear what motivated KayGee The Vibe and Leeto to work together. But as should be apparent in a bit, that decision is blessed. The two singers pulled off a musical coup of sorts, creating a lyrical winner that fans may not be able to get enough of. “1632” EP is it.

1632 EP


# Title Artist Duration
1 1632 Kaygee The Vibe 8:35
2 wetsalang (Dub Mix) Kaygee The Vibe 5:50
3 esgijeni Kaygee The Vibe 8:03
4 bona (tribute to tonic HD) Kaygee The Vibe 7:06
5 soul 2 soul Kaygee The Vibe 8:03


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