Keke Palmer “Got Em Mad” On Her Latest Release Featuring TK Kravitz

Keke Palmer releases, 'To Em Mad,' featuring TK Kravitz.

Keke Palmer drops a hit single titled, ‘Got Em Mad,’ featuring TK Kravitz and releases a thrilling music video.

The talk show host has released a new track just a week and a half after releasing her hit single, ‘Virgo Tendencies.’

The talented TV personality and actress who is a co-host of ABC’s Strahan, Sara and Keke, and who played a supporting role in the 2019 award-winning movie, ‘Hustle.’ is displaying her singing talent by dominating the music scene.

Her hit single, ‘Virgo Tendencies,’ is about the story of a relationship that went stir because Keke Palmer’s partner neglected her needs.

Her brand new single, ‘Got Em Mad,’ is one where Keke Palmer goes cabaret as she spiced it up with a sexy show.

The multi-talented star will soon be releasing her upcoming project which is rumoured to be titled, ‘The Boss.’

Keke Palmer is not a newbie in the music industry. She has previously released two albums: Waiting to Exhale in 2016 and So Uncool in 2017.

Watch the thrilling video for ‘Got Em Mad’ below and tell us what you think!

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