Kelvin Momo – Amukelani Album

Amapiano DJ and producer Kelvin Momo erupts with a new compilation titled “Amukelani” album

The cover art of the compilation is pretty striking and can, on its own, provoke interest in the compilation. It shows a man sitting down, both hands on his head – like you would expect from someone experiencing acute depression or going through ruminations.

Beyond the cover art, there are the songs. And yes, they are intriguing themselves, from “N’wana Wa Mutsonga” to “Izono,” right down to “Phumelela.” In all, the project bears 26 tracks – pretty hefty but not surprising for a compilation of amapiano songs. It’s almost traditional for artists in the genre to load up the tracks. Lol.

Actually, we have no quarrel with that. On the contrary, we love what the songster has put together. It wasn’t a “solo” walk for Kelvin Momo, as he had the likes of Stixx, Mick Man, Nkulee501, Skroef28, Makhanj, Nvcho, Tyla, 2woshort and HouseXcape as collaborators on the song.

“Amukelani” album might not be the finest of Kelvin Momo, but it comes with the assurance of a splendid weekend. So go ahead and vibe with it for all it’s worth.

Kelvin Momo – Amukelani Album


1 N’wana Wa Mutsonga Kelvin Momo
2 Summer Rain Kelvin Momo & Jay Sax
3 Imfula (feat. Nanette, S.O.N & Mzizi) Kelvin Momo
4 Fool Me (feat. Nanette, S.O.N & Jay Sax) Kelvin Momo
5 Umoya (feat. Mashudu & Yumbs) Kelvin Momo
6 Izono (feat. MaWhoo, Babalwa M & Chley) Kelvin Momo
7 Imikhuleko (feat. Makhanj) Kelvin Momo
8 Sukakude (feat. Sfarzo Rtee) Kelvin Momo & Babalwa M
9 Art of Love (feat. Khalil Harrison) Kelvin Momo
10 Blue Moon 2.0 (feat. S.O.N & Babalwa M) Kelvin Momo & Loxion Deep
11 Sowet Groove (feat. Sipho Magudulela & Jay Sax) Kelvin Momo
12 East & South Kelvin Momo & Mick Man
13 Tsonga Boy (feat. Cooper SA & Yumbs) Kelvin Momo & Sipho Magudulela
14 Better Days (feat. Zwayetoven) Kelvin Momo
15 Emaphupeni (feat. Babalwa M & Makhanj) Kelvin Momo
16 Ixesha (feat. TBO, Jay Sax & Sipho Magudulela) Kelvin Momo
17 O’ketsang Kelvin Momo & Mick Man
18 Umkhenza Kelvin Momo
19 Sena We (feat. TO Starquality) Kelvin Momo & Mas Musiq
20 Ngowam (feat. Makhanj, Nvcho, Tyla & 2woshort) Kelvin Momo
21 Moonlight Kelvin Momo
22 Kuwe (feat. C-Zwe, S.O.N & Makhanj) Kelvin Momo & Stixx
23 Remedy (feat. Mick Man) Kelvin Momo & Stixx
24 Sunday (feat. Nkulee501, Skroef28 & HouseXcape) Kelvin Momo
25 Amaphupho (feat. MaWhoo) Kelvin Momo
26 Phumelela (feat. Babalwa M) Kelvin Momo

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