Kelvin Momo & Bongza Drop We Meet

South Africa’s Kelvin Momo and his pal Bongza link up on a new song titled “We Meet,” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

Kelvin Momo has long created the aura of a strong voice in Mzansi’s amapiano orbit. Linking up with Bongza couldn’t have been an accident as the two artistes are mutually complementary and make a fine team.

It’s the first joint number from the two this month. And we are intrigued, not just by the thoughts of the two working together. previously, Bongza was associated with MDU aka TRP, with whom he has released several songs. They are still associates, if you please.

“We Meet” is merely a collaborative break for Bongza and MDU aka TRP. They remain firm friends and masterly collaborators.

The song “We Meet” ignites the message of amity, and we are sure just about anyone out there can relate with, whatever their musical tastes and whatever their genre preferences. No qualms, then. Embrace the song for all it’s worth.

How would you rate “We Meet” by Kelvin Momo and Bongza? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the omment section. Way to go, peeps!

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