Kelvin Momo – Kurhula Album

The Amapiano Virtuoso Releases a New Collection of Soulful Tracks.

Today marks a significant milestone in the Amapiano music scene as Kelvin Momo releases his eagerly anticipated third studio album, “Kurhula.” Known for his unique blend of soulful Amapiano sounds, Momo has firmly established himself as a pivotal figure in the genre.

The release of “Kurhula” is set to showcase his evolution as an artist and his dedication to expanding the boundaries of Amapiano.

Following his tradition of year-end releases, Momo’s latest album arrives as a much-awaited gift to his fans. The album, which follows his 2022 26-track masterpiece “Amukelani,” is expected to be a collection of rich, soul-stirring tracks that resonate with a wide audience.

“Kurhula” promises to be a significant addition to the Amapiano landscape, featuring Momo’s signature depth and musicality. The album is anticipated to include a mix of deep, rhythmic beats and melodic harmonies, characteristic of Momo’s style, which has earned him acclaim in the South African music industry and beyond.

Fans of Kelvin Momo and Amapiano enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the release, and “Kurhula” does not disappoint. It stands as a testament to Momo’s talent and his ability to consistently produce hit after hit.

With this latest release, Kelvin Momo continues to solidify his position as a leading figure in the Amapiano genre, offering a fresh and dynamic sound that is sure to captivate listeners globally.


Kelvin Momo

  • Genre: Dance
  • Date: 08 Dec, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 27
  • ℗ 2023 Kelvin Momo Productions


1 Kurhula (feat. Cnethemba Gonelo) Kelvin Momo 5:10
2 Uthando Kelvin Momo & Sjava 7:30
3 Wa Nsiya (feat. Mzizi) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 8:12
4 Uku Khanya (feat. Yallunder & Umthakathi Kush) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 7:00
5 Ikhaya Iam (feat. Babalwa M, Yallunder & Makhanj) Kelvin Momo 7:47
6 Amalobolo (feat. Stixx & Nia Pearl) Kelvin Momo & Babalwa M 8:29
7 Amanxeba (feat. Cnethemba Gonelo) Kelvin Momo 6:47
8 Iqiniso (feat. Mashudu) Kelvin Momo 6:52
9 Injabulo (feat. MJ) Kelvin Momo 8:51
10 Tears of a Black Man (feat. Rams De Violinist) Kelvin Momo 4:32
11 Trilogy (feat. Mzizi) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 9:11
12 Tintsumi (feat. Xolani Guitars, Malvin & Manu) Kelvin Momo 12:39
13 Hlokomela (feat. Stixx & Jay Sax) Kelvin Momo 8:34
14 Duze (feat. Yallunder & Makhanj) Kelvin Momo 6:47
15 Mbali Wam (feat. Brandon Dhludhlu) Kelvin Momo 8:42
16 Themba Iam (feat. Reed & Nvcho) Kelvin Momo 7:51
17 Violin Sounds (feat. Zwayetoven & Rams De Violinist) Kelvin Momo & Stixx 10:53
18 Ntsako (feat. Zwayetoven & Manji-T) Kelvin Momo 6:47
19 Khawleza (feat. Makhanj) Kelvin Momo 7:17
20 Yeee (feat. Zwayetoven & Manji-T) Kelvin Momo 9:35
21 Kuhle (feat. Stixx, Cooper SA, Zwayetoven & Khalil Harrison) Kelvin Momo 10:28
22 Jz56wv Kelvin Momo 7:26
23 290B Kelvin Momo 7:28
24 Kukama Kelvin Momo 7:55
25 Montana Kelvin Momo 6:01
26 Freaks Kelvin Momo & Stixx 8:04
27 East and South 2.0 Kelvin Momo & Stixx 6:44



  1. What are your initial thoughts on Kelvin Momo’s new album “Kurula”?
  2. Which track from “Kurula” do you think stands out the most and why?
  3. How do you think “Kurula” compares to Kelvin Momo’s previous albums?
  4. In what ways has Kelvin Momo’s music evolved with this latest release?
  5. What is your favorite aspect of Kelvin Momo’s unique Amapiano style?
  6. Are there any collaborations on “Kurula” that you found particularly exciting or surprising?
  7. How do you feel “Kurula” contributes to the evolving landscape of Amapiano music?
  8. Which song from the album would you recommend to someone new to Kelvin Momo’s music?
  9. How do you think “Kurula” will influence future artists in the Amapiano genre?
  10. If you could describe “Kurula” in three words, what would they be?

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