Kevin Gates Releases Self-Motivating “Still Hold Up”

Kevin Gates drops new self-motivating song "Still Hold Up"

Kevin Gates releases new self-motivating song titled “Still Hold Up”.

Everyone knows all that Kevin Gates has been through, the media has certainly made sure of that. We know he’s been in and out of jail and also about all that’s he’s had to go through ever since. But it’s nice to hear him talk about it in a song.

The “2 Phones” rapper recently dropped a self-motivating song about it all. He calls it “Still Hold Up”. In it, he details all that he’s been through and how far he’s come. He even compares his situation to others trying to be like him, and also realises he’s held up really strong.

The rapper has teased a lot of new music recently. This makes us wonder if theres a new project on the way. It is obvious there usually is when he starts teasing songs so we’ll just wait till it’s announced.

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