King Deetoy, EZRA & Deep Essentials – House Mafias 2 EP

House Mafias 2 EP: A Collection Of Stunning Tunes

Famous hitmakers King Deetoy, EZRA & Deep Essentials have returned to the scene with the second installment of their project “House Mafias 2” EP

We expect our faves to have fun when they link up and make music together. Shout out to the talented hitmakers King Deetoy, EZRA & Deep Essentials who just unleashed a brand new project into the airwaves.

Back in 2022, they dropped the “House Mafias” EP. The project housed three tracks and featured contributions from Colbert and 1F4OUR1. King Deetoy also dropped a new album last year which housed ten tracks and featured Dr Thulz, Shazmicsoul, The Real Husbands Of House, Deep Essentials, Oscar Mbo, and more.

Teaming up with EZRA and Deep Essentials, King Deetoy has now released the new “House Mafias 2” EP. It houses four tracks and features 1F4OUR1 and EeQue. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

House Mafias 2 EP


Track Number Title Duration
1 Asbambisane (feat. Eeque) 6:10
2 Forever (feat. 14OUR1) 7:15
3 The Works 6:38
4 We Are Moving 6:33


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