King Monada – Ghanama S-Plus ft. Mukosi

King Monada is not letting the Ghanama effort all go to Makhadzi. We now have three versions of the song, the originally recorded song that featured all three artists, King Monada, Makhadzi and Prince Benza, Makhadzi’s version which featured only and now King Monada’s version featuring Muimbi. King Monada calls his own version of the Ghanama S-Plus.

Mzansi saw it play out on social media where the artists has planned to release the song, but after the song became big and started trending on social media the artists could not agree on who owns the song and could not sort it out which made them result to three different versions.

Makhadzi had gone on social media rant, claiming that Master KG was trying to steal the song from her considering that he recorded only a verse and he did not produce the song. There was a fight over who actually owned the original song as the song began trending on all social media platforms, the song became an instant hit before release. King Monada later went on  live to clear his name from being accused of stealing the song but we are unsure how they resolved to what we have not. Makhadzi released her own version few days ago, you can check that out here.

King Monada is now releasing his version of the song and he has decided to replace Makhadzi with Muimbi while he retains the chorus, melody and his own verses. He calls is Ghanama S-Plus, check it out below and let us know what you think.

King Monada – Ghanama S-Plus ft.

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