Kings of Leon Release “Nothing To Do” from Upcoming Album

New Single Launch: "Nothing To Do"

Kings of Leon have launched their latest single “Nothing To Do,” a vibrant addition to their forthcoming album Can We Please Have Fun. Released today, the track is a follow-up to the previously issued singles “Mustang” and “Split Screen,” and is available through LoveTap Records and Capitol Records.

Scheduled for release on May 10, 2024, Can We Please Have Fun represents a significant evolution in Kings of Leon’s music, emphasizing a relaxed, experimental approach that is evident in their latest tracks. The album was recorded at the renowned Dark Horse Recording studios in Franklin, Tennessee, with production handled by Kid Harpoon, known for his work with notable artists like Harry Styles and Florence + the Machine​.

Kings of Leon’s new single showcases their signature style, blending rock with hints of psychedelic and garage influences. “Nothing To Do” particularly captures a lighter, more playful vibe, which aligns with the album’s overarching theme of breaking free from expectations and just having fun​.

Alongside their album release, Kings of Leon have announced a comprehensive tour across North America, which will kick off in August 2024. The tour will cover major cities including Austin, Toronto, and Los Angeles, promising fans a chance to experience their latest music live​.

With the release of “Nothing To Do,” anticipation for Can We Please Have Fun continues to build. Fans and critics alike are eager to see how the band’s explorative and liberated approach to music will manifest across the entire album. The single not only offers a glimpse into the upcoming album but also sets the stage for what is expected to be a memorable tour, blending new sounds with the classic Kings of Leon style that has captivated listeners for over two decades​​.

Fans can pre-order the album and find more details about the upcoming tour on the band’s official website and music platforms like Apple Music.

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Can We Please Have Fun Album Details

Artist: Kings of Leon
Genre: Rock
Release Date: May 10, 2024
Track Count: 12
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 LoveTap Records, LLC, under exclusive license to Capitol Records


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Ballerina Radio Kings of Leon 3:51 Unreleased
2 Rainbow Ball Kings of Leon 4:10 Unreleased
3 Nowhere To Run Kings of Leon 3:40 Unreleased
4 Mustang Kings of Leon 3:14 Released
5 Actual Daydream Kings of Leon 3:18 Unreleased
6 Split Screen Kings of Leon 5:03 Released
7 Don’t Stop The Bleeding Kings of Leon 3:37 Unreleased
8 Nothing To Do Kings of Leon 2:55 Released
9 M Television Kings of Leon 3:27 Unreleased
10 Hesitation Gen Kings of Leon 3:17 Unreleased
11 Ease Me On Kings of Leon 3:28 Unreleased
12 Seen Kings of Leon 4:52 Unreleased

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