Kiyo Florintino, Kxnji & AVMusic – Lemmi Know

Music fans are in for a treat as Kiyo Florintino collaborates with Kxnji & AVMusic on an exciting new single titled “Lemmi Know”. The track was brought to life on April 19, 2024, under the prestigious PIM record label.

“Lemmi Know” mark a stunning alliance between these music artists, promising an energetic, engaging blend of their unique sounds. With a runtime of 3:36, this song probes into the depths of modern pop, with a dash of electronica for good measure, keeping listeners hooked from beginning to end. The enticing fusion of various genres in the song is backed up by insightful yet relatable lyrics, adding to the overall appeal.

The single is suitable for a varied audience, allowing younger, older and all the diverse age groups in-between to revel in its unique soundscapes without any reservations. This strategic move will increase the song’s penetration and fan base.

It’s worth noting that this release comes at the heels of the massive success that the artists have been enjoying individually. Kiyo Florintino has been making waves with his distinct style, while Kxnji and AVMusic have earned massive popularity with their music prowess.

As we anticipate the single’s success, fans and followers of Kiyo Florintino, Kxnji & AVMusic, as well as music enthusiasts around the globe remain eager to experience the music magic that this song is, seamlessly encapsulating the essence of its creators. Prepare to unravel this musical package that is sure to mesmerize you with its rhythm and poetic narrative.

Lemmi Know – Single

Artist: Kiyo Florintino, Kxnji & AVMusic
Genres: Hip-Hop,Rap
Release Date: 4/19/2024
Track Count: 1
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 PIM


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Lemmi Know Kiyo Florintino, Kxnji & AVMusic 3:36 Released


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