Korie Minors & DJ Jim Mastershine – Ghosts of Bermuda ft. Ayah Tlhanyane

Ghosts of Bermuda: A Fusion of History and Afro House Beats

Korie Minors & DJ Jim Mastershine’s Latest Track Features the Soulful Voice of Ayah Tlhanyane

Deep In Your Soul Records recently unveiled “Ghosts of Bermuda,” a groundbreaking Afro House track that marks a unique collaboration between Korie Minors & DJ Jim Mastershine, featuring the captivating vocals of Ayah Tlhanyane. Released on December 29, 2023, with the catalog number DIYS015, the track is more than just a musical composition; it is an auditory journey through the enigmatic history of Bermuda.

The song draws its inspiration from Bermuda’s mystical past, an island enveloped in legends and surrounded by treacherous reefs. Integrating haunting sounds, the track includes the recorded calls of Bermuda’s national bird, the cahow, personally captured by Korie Minors. This element infuses the song with a deep-rooted Bermudian essence, offering listeners an authentic experience of the island’s cultural heritage.

Ayah Tlhanyane’s mesmerizing vocals in Southern Sotho add a unique dimension to “Ghosts of Bermuda.” His lyrics include the powerful phrase “Raohang,” which translates to “Wake up” in English. This serves as a rallying cry, symbolizing the strength and resilience of warriors facing imminent challenges. The song echoes the spirit of Bermuda’s past, known as the “Isle of Devils” to early Spanish and Portuguese explorers, deterred by the island’s dangerous reefs and the eerie calls of the cahow.

Deep In Your Soul Records invites audiences to immerse themselves in this captivating Afro House creation. The track is a blend of history, culture, and music that narrates a tale of resilience, mystery, and Bermuda’s haunting beauty. The release has garnered support and recognition from various artists and has been celebrated for connecting continents through rhythm and soul.

With its global appeal and strong cultural roots, “Ghosts of Bermuda” stands as a significant release from Deep In Your Soul Records, representing a harmonious blend of global grooves and Belgian heart. The track’s innovative approach to music production and storytelling sets it apart in the Afro House genre

Ghosts of Bermuda

Ghosts of Bermuda

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