Kota Embassy Presents Future Classics Album

What has South African band Kota Embassy been up to? Now we know. The band presents a new body of work titled “Future Classics” album. And it’s as interesting as can be.

The album begins with “Ama Bozza” and ends with “Don Giovanni.” This dance compilation spots 19 tracks in all and features some fine musos, including Sir Keegan, Milanzi Melody, Blvck Tank, Real Lolo and Gino.

This body of work, which plays for exactly two hours and seven minutes, premiered on Apple Music and other streaming platforms on 16 October.

Kota Embassy is a three-man group that has been treating South Africa to fine numbers. The latest compilation is but another addition to a body of fine projects from the group. So we have no qualms sharing it.

If you have your ears attuned to energizing tunes, you surely can’t afford to miss the latest drop from Kota Embassy. The compilation will surely keep you warm beyond the weekend. You gotta embrace it for aall it is worth. Yes?

How would you rate “Future Classics” album by Kota Embassy? A Project for the week? You might want to stream the album below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


NO Title Artist Time
1 Ama Bozza (feat. Real Lolo) Kota Embassy 6:59
2 Rato la Pelo Yaka (feat. Blvck Tank) Kota Embassy 6:02
3 Sugar Mama (feat. Cue) Kota Embassy 5:44
4 iMali (feat. Gino) Kota Embassy 6:38
5 Ngo 6 (feat. Gino) Kota Embassy 5:44
6 Apart (feat. Blvck Tank) Kota Embassy 5:41
7 Chop My Monie Kota Embassy 5:50
8 Back to Back Kota Embassy 5:43
9 All the Time (feat. Gino) Kota Embassy 6:25
10 Taboo Kota Embassy 6:26
11 Eduze (feat. Blvck Tank) Kota Embassy 9:30
12 4 By 4 (feat. Real Lolo) Kota Embassy 6:25
13 Alejandro Kota Embassy 5:20
14 The Originalz (feat. Sir Keegan, Milanzi Melody) Kota Embassy 8:08
15 Sunday Showers (feat. Blvck Tank) Kota Embassy 6:54
16 I.L.M Kota Embassy 7:44
17 PVT (feat. Sir Keegan) Kota Embassy 5:12
18 Nsati Wa Mina (feat. Gino) Kota Embassy 6:55
19 Don Giovanni (feat. Sir Keegan, Milanzi Melody) Kota Embassy 9:27

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