Kususa & Argento Dust – Asanda Ft. Zakes Bantwini

Kususa & Argento Dust – Asanda Ft. Zakes Bantwini

Kususa and Argento Dust present “Asanda,” a song for which they tapped the vocal resources of fellow South African. Zakes Bantwini.

It’s a meeting of fine voices who are also mutually complementary despite not having an extensive collaborative history. All the artists on this song are disc jockeys and producers but are also pretty good singers. This much should be obvious from their career trajectories, as well as from the song in review.

Kususa is a band of two, while Argento Dust is a solo artist. The same might be said of Zakes Bantwini. The quartet put on an impressive performance here, leaving the listener with no option but to embrace what they have put together.

This number is a pleasure to the ears and definitely something to start your weekend with. You can’t be wrong deciding to listen to what the friends have put together.

Let the music begin.

Kususa & Argento Dust – Asanda ft. Zakes Bantwini

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