Kwesta – Favourite Song

Mzansi rapper and record producer Kwesta shares his “Favourite Song,” which might turn out your favourite in his recently released album – perhaps not.

As a title, “Favourite Song” is intriguing. It is hard to see the title and not think it is the favourite number from the South African hip hop icon. But is it? Here, we can only say it is what it is – a title.

Of course, that statement in no way disparages the song’s merit. “Favourite Song” is actually worth checking out, and we have no qualms asking you to reach into the song’s orbit and experience its power.

We admit it is not our favourite – not from Kwest and not from South Africa’s music universe generally – but we also admit the ong is a charmer and will not lack for devotees out there.

Wouldn’t you rather join us as we luxuriate in the world of this number? Whether you are into the genre of expression or not, you’d love how Kwesta manages to create a memorable number that plays for a few minutes

What do you think of Kwesta’s “Favourite Song”? Do you see yourself favouriting it? Why or why not? Drop your thoughts below.

Favourite Song


  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 2021-04-30
  • Explicitness: Explicit
  • Country: ZA
  • Track Count: 1

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