LADIPOE – Hallelujah Ft. Rozzz & Morrelo

Nigerian music sensation LADIPOE has officially unveiled his highly anticipated single, “Hallelujah”, featuring Rozzz and Morrelo. The explicit song has already sparked off tremendous delight amongst his global fanbase, eagerly clamouring for fresh tunes from the skilful rapper.

With “Hallelujah”, LADIPOE doesn’t just deliver a new song, but an audacious sonic experience that fuses his trademark music style with the distinctive flavors brought in by Rozzz and Morrelo. Lasting 3 minutes and 18 seconds, the track presents a potent blend of rhythm and lyrics that resonate with LADIPOE’s gifted musicality.

With hard-hitting, genuine lyrics showcasing the existential realities and dreams, LADIPOE, Rozzz, and Morrelo’s performances in “Hallelujah” reflect as much about their individual prowess as it does about their collective synergy. Their harmony carries the listener on a rollercoaster of high notes and profound depths, ensuring that “Hallelujah” is not quickly forgotten.

Music critics have been heaping praises on the single. Dense with talented artistry and sound execution, “Hallelujah” helps to solidify LADIPOE’s growing status as one of the most dynamic forces in the Nigerian music scene. In collaboration with Rozzz and Morrelo, this bold deliverance substantiates their collective music virtuosity.

Already, fans have been abuzz on social platforms, singing praises, and generating positivity about the song. LADIPOE proves that his pen is mightier than a sword, carving out verses that leave listeners in awe of his lyrical proficiency. With the release of “Hallelujah”, an exhilarating journey through masterful music artistry, the rapper continues to show promise for what still lies ahead.

Hallelujah (feat. Rozzz & Morrelo) – Single

Genres: Afrobeats
Release Date: 4/19/2024
Track Count: 1
Explicitness: explicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Mavin Global Holdings


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Hallelujah (feat. Rozzz & Morrelo) LADIPOE 3:18 Released


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