Lady Amar – God’s Delay is not His Denial EP

Following the success of her debut single “Hamba Juba” which recently received Platinum certification, is multi-talented Lady Amar as she releases her first ever EP titled “God’s Delay is not His Denial” which consists of 5 tracks including previously released singles such as “Emuva” and “Imizwa”.

At the launch event for her EP, Lady Amar explained that the title of the EP resonated with her as she learnt patience while working hard for success in her life and career.

In this EP she wants to spread that message, that although it might not happen right now for you, keep pushing and it will come, do not give up hope. The lead single, “Imizwa” is a soul-stirring musical composition that delves into human emotions.

The title, which translates to “feelings” in isiZulu, embodies or captures the essence of this compelling song that promises to resonate with audiences worldwide.

“Ayihlangani” like the title of the EP, touches on the importance of understanding that although things are not working in your favour, you need to be patient and know that things will all happen at the right time. It is in that moment where you will know that your life is aligning with God’s plan.

The project is a must listen as it embodies a strong message to whoever is putting in work to achieve all their set goals including those who are trying to figure it out.

One can truly resonate with the project as it doesn’t tap only into the possibilities of life but also spiritually contributes to one’s hope and faith in life.

God’s Delay is not His Denial EP


  1. Ayihlangani (with TEE Ramzy feat. Mthunzi & Jessica LM)
  2. Kuhle (with DJ Khyber feat. Jessica LM, Nontokozo Mkhize)
  3. Ndawonye (feat. Le Sax, Mhaw Keys, Starr Healer, and Bassie)
  4. Emuva (with Starr Healer feat. Murumba Pitch and T Man SA)
  5. Imizwa (with Nkosazana Daughter, Le Sax feat. Mlindo The Vocalist, Sykes, and Omhle Diya)


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