Lady Du & Cyborg – Pelepele Ft. Dando & Queen Vula Vala

Lady Du and Cyborg link up for “Pelepele,” a song featuring Dando and Queen Vula Vala.

Songs come and go, but some songs just stay with you. “Pelepele” is one such song. This song easily grows on the listener, taking him into new bends in musical pleasure.

“Pelepele” is what it is – a song of high sonic energy that will liberate you from the boring and prime you for a wonderful time. For two artistes who didn’t have a long collaborative history, Lady Du and Cyborg pulled off a great musical coup here.

To listen to what they have created in collaboration with Dando and Queen Vula Vala is to love it. They are just so good together, and one comes off hoping they link up for another number.

Well, not having ruled out another collaboration, fans may as well look out for another scorcher from them. Until another drop, though, y’all are best of embracing the immersive musical experience “Pelepele” offers.

Easily one of the most engaging female voices in South Africa’s amapiano space, Lady Du shows she has earned her stripes as a creative. She performed so well alongside her friends, and we can only ask for more.

Lady Du & Cyborg – Pelepele Ft. Dando & Queen Vula Vala

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