Lash T – Vutomi II EP

Lash T's "Vutomi II" EP: A Harmonious Blend of Afro House and Life's Stories

The New Musical Chapter from Lash T Explores Life’s Complexitie

South African artist Lash T has released a new EP titled “Vutomi II,” continuing their artistic journey with a fresh exploration of life’s various facets. The EP, comprising four tracks, delves into different aspects of life, as suggested by its title “Vutomi,” which means “Life” in the Venda language. This latest project sees Lash T venturing into new sonic territories while maintaining their unique style, promising an immersive experience for listeners​.

The EP features a variety of guest artists, adding richness and diversity to its sound. Among the noteworthy tracks are “Kunini Sdakwa,” featuring Khalil Harrison, ReaDaSoul, and Futures Yesterday; “Inspiration” with Sfarzo Rtee; “Swakunandzika,” in collaboration with Laud and KayGee The Vibe; and “Tikatara,” alongside Laud and Tasteyy. Each track brings a unique element to the EP, showcasing Lash T’s versatility as an artist and their ability to craft music that resonates with a wide audience​.

With “Vutomi II,” Lash T not only continues the narrative from their previous work but also deepens the exploration of the themes they have been known for. This EP is marked as an important chapter in Lash T’s musical repertoire, blending innovation with continuity and promising to be a significant contribution to the Afro House genre​.

Vutomi II EP


1 Kunini Sdakwa (feat. ReaDaSoul & Futures Yesterday) Lash T & Khalil Harrison
2 Inspiration Lash T & Sfarzo Rtee
3 Swakunandzika (feat. KayGee The Vibe) Lash T & Laud
4 Tikatara (feat. Laud & Tasteyy) Lash T


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