Laz Mfanaka has come through with a new song titled “Gong.” The song is from a new EP titled “Three Steps 2.”

The Piano scene has been flooded with many entries this month. Laz Mfanaka has joined the fun with a new release. He returned to the scene with the “Three Steps 2” EP. The EP houses three tracks.

He has also dropped an album titled “Sgivard Ke’Cardi.” The album houses fourteen tracks and features contributions from Jayy Scott, KayyStar77, and Vibekulture SA. He also released the singles “Online,” “Phansi,” “Error 101,” “DEJAVU,” “Next Level,” “Street Levol,” and more. They have all been impressive entries.

Laz Mfanaka has released a song from the “Three Steps 2 EP.” The song is titled “Gong,” and he did a great job on it. You shouldn’t pass on it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice this week.


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