LeeroSoul – Rifumo Album

Eminent artist LeeroSoul has just released his eagerly awaited album, ‘Rifumo’. The album was released today, April 19, 2024, under The Coded And Collection Records, adding an exhilarating addition to the music scene. Reflecting on its broad appeal, the album contains 22 tracks, all characterized with non-explicit lyrics, a mark of the artist’s commitment to delivering tastefully penned lyrics.

LeeroSoul stretches his artistic boundaries by collaborating with various featured artists on this album. The powerhouse of talent includes names like MkSoul, AMUKELANI.M, Blaq Note, Ntando Yamahlubi, and Thatohatsi, among others.

The album kicks off with the soulful ‘Intro’, followed by the title track, ‘Rifumo’. Songs like ‘Liwa Laphakade’, ‘Izono Zami’, and ‘Ngithelele’ promise a sensory voyage through their fascinating durations. A standout track, ‘Cry Me A River’, features the artist C-TRIX. Another highlight is, ‘Arabic Tech’, which opens up an unprecedented music stream for the listeners.

Uniquely themed tracks; ‘Khululeka’, ‘Tranquillity’, ‘Jazz Mode, and ‘Woza Sphuze’ further demonstrate the diversity and versatility of LeeroSoul’s prowess. The album concludes with the captivating ‘Dipatje 2.0’, ensuring a dynamic closure.

The online music community is already showering praises for the album. Its mix of rhythmic beats, rich lyrics, and diverse collaborations have amplified the excitement among fans and critics alike.

This release demonstrates LeeroSoul’s ability to navigate through different genres and his knack for orchestrating a cohesive and engaging album. ‘Rifumo’ is a musical odyssey, offering something for everyone and proving to be a must-add to any music lover’s playlist.


Artist: LeeroSoul
Genres: Amapiano
Release Date: 4/19/2024
Track Count: 22
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 The Coded And Collection Records


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Intro (feat. MkSoul & AMUKELANI.M) LeeroSoul 4:20 Released
2 Rifumo (feat. AMUKELANI.M & Blaq Note) LeeroSoul 7:00 Released
3 Liwa Laphakade (feat. Ntando Yamahlubi & Thatohatsi) LeeroSoul 8:09 Released
4 Izono Zami (feat. Dj King Tara, Blaq Note, Warren Justin & Thatohatsi) LeeroSoul 7:34 Released
5 Ngithelele (feat. MkSoul, Ntando Yamahlubi & Thatohatsi) LeeroSoul 5:17 Released
6 Cry Me A River (feat. C-TRIX) LeeroSoul 6:43 Released
7 Kuwe (feat. Melo_T1 & Bello) LeeroSoul 7:00 Released
8 Ngelinye Ilanga (feat. Bello) LeeroSoul & JayLokas 6:08 Released
9 Addiction (feat. Benny K) LeeroSoul 8:21 Released
10 Arabic Tech LeeroSoul 5:52 Released
11 Thando (feat. Soulistic L, AMUKELANI.M & SAMI’KAY) LeeroSoul & Nkukza 6:43 Released
12 Khululeka (feat. MkSoul, Blaq Note, Mandy ZA & MOHAU SAX) LeeroSoul 7:34 Released
13 Uzoba Right (feat. MkSoul, Blaq Note & Mandy ZA) LeeroSoul 7:10 Released
14 Tranquillity (feat. Blaq Note & KATARINA) LeeroSoul 6:51 Released
15 Jazz Mode LeeroSoul 6:36 Released
16 That Guitar (feat. MkSoul) LeeroSoul, Rea WMNTA & Blak Miller 8:09 Released
17 Woza Sphuze (feat. MkSoul) LeeroSoul 6:34 Released
18 Mkuku Mayi LeeroSoul, Pcee, Jandas & JayLokas 6:14 Released
19 Mjezo LeeroSoul & JayLokas 6:17 Released
20 Ibambe (feat. Djy Ma’Ten) LeeroSoul 9:17 Released
21 Gida (feat. Djy Ma’Ten) LeeroSoul 6:30 Released
22 Dipatje 2.0 LeeroSoul & Casta Teekay 6:56 Released


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