Lemon & Herb – Forget You Ft. Julia Church

Serial collaborators Lemon & Herb croon “Forget You” alongside Julia Church. The song is part of the recently released “Aura” album.

This body of work features Sekiwe, Shota, Idd Aziz, Olith Ratego, Julia Church, Yallunder, Fka Mash and Black Motion, a South African boy band.

“Forget You” is a song of strong emotional energy. Just about anyone can relate with the song. For one, the song actually addresses the experiences of many out there, speaking beyond the borders of South Africa.

Lemon & Herb have been on the music orbit for quite some time. It is pretty hard to see one without the other. Lemon is Herb and Herb is Lemon. The pair is so good together one can only hope and pray they continue in their partnership.

At a time when music bands are breaking up like nobody’s business, we surely need the lyrical potency of Lemon and Herb for joie de vivre. Or what do you think? Let the song “Forget You,” the pair’s song with Julia Church, be a guide, if you please.

Well, how would you rate the song? You might want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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