Lil Wayne, Conway, & Benny The Butcher Play “Russian Roulette”

It’s game time, people, and we at UbeToo are inviting you to join Lil Wayne, Conway, & Benny The Butcher for a game “Russian Roulette.”

Oh no, this isn’t a game per se but a titillating number – you may say a collaborative track – from the troika. With all three on the same number, you know right away you’re going to have a swell time. No dulling, mate.

The musical synergy among thm between is apparent almost right away. You listen to the artistes and you want to repeat the same exercise. “Russian Roulette” is not one song you listen to and forget minutes after. No. this one actually grows on you.

Bar after bar, you might find yourself nodding along and wishing the three artistes link up again for another banger. Well, the world isn’t over yet. So hold fast to your mug of optimism. These three champs just might link up again and ignite America’s music orbit with their lyricism, which comes close to cosmic

Are you game, man? Come on, then. You wanna join us for a listening session. Tap play and listen to the trio spit their bars.

How would you rate the song, by the way? Pop your thoughts in the comments.

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