Listen To Drake’s Leaked Song “Sound 42/Need Me”

In the world of music, leaks are sometimes unavoidable. Artistes leak their own songs; sometimes those close to them do. Either way, the public gets to vibe with a new number.

Canadian rapper is one artiste who’s experienced leaks previously. Now it appears another song of his has been leaked. is currently working on his next studio album, but it doesn’t look like it is what the public will hear immediately. Nah.

Rather, the public’s focus has been on a track she popped online as “Sound 42.” However, fans of the rapper had said the actual title of the song is “Need Me.” Well, whatever the title, the song bears lyrical charms and the reality, patently morbid, that most times we are not remembered until we are dead.

In the song, he raps that people never care until you are cold and dead. Can you beat that? That’s clearly the reality the world contends with right now.

The exact date of the recording of the song is unknown, but the message is timeless. We are confident you will enjoy listening to it.

What do you make of the recnt leak? You may want to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.

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