Listen to Frank Ocean’s New Songs ‘Dear April’ & ‘Cayendo’

Listen to Frank Ocean’s new songs ‘Dear April’ & ‘Cayendo’

Talented singer, Frank Ocean, has released new songs that will keep you thrilled during this challenging period.

The talented singer had hosted some club nights. With such, he assisted the queer club’s opening days.

His aim was to pay:

homage to what could have been of the 1980s’ NYC club scene if HIV prevention drugs had been invented in that era.

While Frank Ocean was there, he debuted snippets of some new songs titled ‘Dear April’ and ‘Cayendo.’

No longer after, Frank Ocean displayed on his website two vinlys for sale. They were supposed to ship in 8-12 weeks. The products were delayed and they didn’t get to his fans on time. However, when they did, Frank’s fans saw that it was the full versions of his new songs that haven’t been heard except for their snippets.

We appreciate Frank Ocean’s fans on Reddit, who took the time to record the great sounds from the vinyls and release them to us.

In 2016, Frank Ocean released his last albums titled ‘Endless’ and ‘Blonde.’ Last year, Frank signed with Warner Chappell Music for publishing. He also left Def Jam.

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