Listen To Lusanda Beja’s New Song “Wazithwalizono”

Lusanda Beja releases "Wazithwalizono"

Lusanda Beja is out with a brand new stunner titled “Wazithwalizono”.

No matter how difficult your taste in music is, Mzansi singer, Lusanda Beja is going to get through to you with his new song. He calls it “Wazithwalizono”, and it’s a whole mood. Be warned that it would take over you the very minute it starts playing.

With all the Gospel music ministers on the scene today, the very powerful singer has still found a way to make his voice heard. His songs care a message that would stop you on your tracks and make you listen. You really should hear this one.

If you are unable to find a free download link, that means the music is most likely not released for free. Use the official link above or find out how to stream/download free songs in SA here: How To Stream/Downloads Free Music. For latest news, albums, EPs, songs and videos from this artist/topic, click on the name or related topics below, otherwise keep scrolling for more hot exclusives.

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