Listen To PatricKxxLee’s How Dat Feel

PatricKxxLee’s “How Dat Feel” is an attention-grabber any day – a song that mirrors the experiences of many out there, although some might not be willing to admit this.

It’s that time again when, halfway through a song, you realize you’re going to have a “thinking time” after listening because, well, the song makes your recollect and reflect. “How Dat Feel” is that song.

In the world of South African pop, PatricKxxLee isn’t doing badly. This much should be obvious from following his career trajectory. We count him amog the winning figures in South African music, although it might appear like he is barely in the news with the superstar’s regularity.

At any rate, in “Ho Dat Feel” he’s got a song in which many should be well pleased – a song many should be able to relate with. If you are for a grand time this weekend, you might want to embrace it.

What do you think of PatricKxxLee’s “How Dat Feel” song? Do you see yourself rocking the song this weekend and beyond? Why or why not? We invite you to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

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