Listen To The Previously Unreleased JAY-Z ‘Holy Grail’ Version Ft. The-Dream

Listen to JAY-Z's previously unreleased version of "Holy Grail" featuring The-Dream

Listen to JAY-Z’s previously unreleased version of “Holy Grail” featuring The-Dream.

The week just started and we’re already getting gifts. Well, it is not just any gift but very priceless music. Apparently, American rapper, JAY-Z and singer-songwriter, The-Dream have been sitting on a dope unreleased version of “Holy Grail” which sees them collaborating together.

Fortunately, that’s out now, and the internet can’t keep calm. Now, here’s the full story behind it. According to reports, JAY and Dream had first worked on the song together, with the latter writing the song’s lyrics and laying vocals on it too.

However, after Justin Timberlake showed interest in doing the collaboration, Dream’s vocals were switched with JT’s. Well, it still turned out to be a great hit for all three of them.

The-Dream played the unreleased song during a recent songwriter battle with Sean Garrett. Following that, the song was finally made available on TIDAL.

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