Locco Musiq – Undisputed EP

South African Artist Locco Musiq Unleashes a Dynamic Amapiano Project

South African musical artist Locco Musiq has made a significant impact on the Amapiano scene with the release of his latest project, “Undisputed EP.” This new EP, which includes eight tracks, showcases Locco Musiq’s unique blend of traditional African rhythms and modern electronic music. The EP was released on January 19, 2024, and has quickly gained popularity among Amapiano enthusiasts.

The “Undisputed EP” is a collection of vibrant and rhythmic tracks that demonstrate Locco Musiq’s versatility and creativity. The EP features collaborations with several artists, including Agzo, Mender_ZA, NerdFND, Trouis, N & F Lectures, Boske Tee, El Fizo, Shane907, Kota Natives, Kapman, Stapura, Star RSA, Stillow, and Lungstar. These collaborations bring a diverse range of styles and influences to the EP, making it a rich and varied listening experience.

Locco Musiq’s “Undisputed EP” is not just a collection of songs; it’s a showcase of the artist’s dedication to his craft and his ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience. The EP is available on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, where listeners can immerse themselves in the unique soundscapes crafted by Locco Musiq and his collaborators.

This release marks a significant milestone in Locco Musiq’s career and is a clear indication of his rising status in the Amapiano music scene. With its infectious beats and captivating melodies, the “Undisputed EP” is set to be a favorite among fans of the genre and a stepping stone for Locco Musiq’s continued success.

Undisputed EP


Track No. Duration Title Featuring Artists Artist
1 6:20 Buyele Khaya Agzo & Mender_ZA Locco Musiq
2 5:49 Uzozisola Agzo & Mender_ZA Locco Musiq
3 7:20 Jazzin soul spm3 NerdFND & Trouis Locco Musiq
4 6:01 Tech Steb N & F Lectures Locco Musiq
5 6:52 Souls Empire Boske Tee & El Fizo Locco Musiq
6 6:23 Inner Space Mender_ZA & Shane907 Locco Musiq
7 6:01 Amazwi Kota Natives & NerdFND Locco Musiq
8 6:43 Pasop Drummertee924, Shane907, Kapman, Stapura, Star Rsa, Stillow & Lungstar Locco Musiq


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