Lokcitymusic – Believe (Ft. Jay Teazer & Payper Corleone) + Be Heard Album

LockCityMusic drops new song, “Believe” ft Jay Teazer and Payper Corleone and releases “Be Heard Album”.

LokCityMusic is celebrating it’s 7th anniversary and has premiered it’s debut studio album in honor of that. The new record contains a total 16 tracks with contributions from several artists including Jay Teazer, Payper Corleone, Funkcleff, B-Tone, etc. The album contains many genres of music including Trap, Highlife, Dancehall, and hip-hop.

Album Track List:

1. We Are (Ft. Lake, Pfleks, Amazing K1 & Jay Teazer)
2. Kategory (Ft. Limerick, V5ive & Anny D)
3. My Love (Ft. Lake & King Pantomime)
4. My Life (Ft. Mo’Glitzy & V5ive)
5. No Lazy (Ft. B-Tone & Funkcleff)
6. On A Daily (Ft. Superboy Cheque, Iam Ed & Slimbuck)
7. Believe (Ft. Jay Teazer & Payper Corleone)
8. Excuse Me (Ft. Q & Sinno)
9. Life Goes On (Ft. PD2 & Joreal)
10. Gbege (Ft. Elhi & Beejay)
11. Money (Ft. Amazing K1 & Mapel
12. Gbe Body (Ft. Meister, Jayson Ace & Ray B)
13. Saye (Ft. Nowel & Pfleks)
14. Most Wanted (Ft. V5ive, Topson UK & Saucy)
15. 4 Summers (Ft. Bemshima & Gunzz)
16. Be Heard (Outro) (Ft. Lake)

The label has also released the 7th track on the album as its official single. The song, Believe ft Jay Teazer and Payper Corleone is easily the best track on the record. This is one dope album to hear.

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