Lowsheen – 2nd Chapter Album

Afro House star Lowsheen is out with his new album titled “2nd Chapter.”

Lowsheen has risen to be one of the most recognized hitmakers on the scene. With hits for days, he has made a name for himself and created his own niche. He has now come through with an album to cement his place on the scene.

The talented hitmaker was praised for the “1st Chapter” EP, which housed five tracks. Lowsheen also recently dropped the song “Oe’Phihlile,” featuring contributions from Makhadzi and Lioness Ratang. It was released as the second track from the album after “Nguwe” with Azana.

The album is titled “2nd Chapter” and houses twelve tracks. It also features contributions from Azana, Makhadzi, Lioness Ratang, Caltonic SA, Lwami, Casswell P, DJ Ngwazi, Charlotte Lyf, DJ KSB, Henny C, and more. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

2nd Chapter Album


No. Song Title Artist Duration
1 Bazali Lowsheen (feat. Eemoh & Mzala Wesive) 05:14
2 Oe’Phihlile Lowsheen (feat. Makhadzi & Lioness Ratang) 06:42
3 Nguwe Lowsheen (feat. Azana) 06:03
4 Yimi Nawe Lowsheen (feat. Azana, CHARLOTTE LYF & Lwami) 04:32
5 Shona Malanga Lowsheen (feat. Master KG & Nkosazana Daughter) 06:07
6 Thitxo Nkulunkulu Lowsheen (feat. MaWhoo, Azana & Pouler Dmusiq) 06:52
7 Ngeke Ngikwazi Lowsheen (feat. Basetsana, Caltonic SA & DJ Ngwazi) 06:18
8 Dzinginisa Lowsheen (feat. Makhadzi & Casswell P) 05:09
9 Baba Lowsheen (feat. DeejayKgosi, Pouler Dmusiq, Zee_nhle, Nkatha & Phiwe) 06:08
10 Njabulo Lowsheen (feat. Azana & B33kay SA) 06:52
11 Dali Lowsheen (feat. Lily Faith & DJ KSB) 04:37
12 Nkatanga Lowsheen (feat. Henny C, CHARLOTTE LYF & DJ KSB) 05:28
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