Loxion Deep – Legend (Deluxe Edition) Album

A Sonic Journey Through Amapiano's Evolving Landscape

A Sonic Journey Through Amapiano’s Evolving Landscape

The music industry is buzzing with the release of Loxion Deep’s latest project, “Legend (Deluxe Edition).” This album not only showcases the artist’s profound talent and creativity but also marks a significant milestone in the Amapiano genre. Released in 2024, the album has been celebrated for its innovative sound and the way it pushes the boundaries of Amapiano music.

“Legend (Deluxe Edition)” comprises fourteen meticulously crafted tracks, each offering a unique auditory experience that underscores Loxion Deep’s mastery over the genre. From the soul-stirring intro “Life After Death” featuring Mzweshper to the enchanting melodies of “Sweet Dreams” with Double Gee & Phemelo Saxar, the album is a comprehensive journey through the vibrant landscapes of Amapiano.

Critics and fans alike have lauded the album for its cohesive blend of rhythmic beats, intricate melodies, and captivating vocal performances. Tracks such as “Ungowami” have been singled out for their deep, emotive undertones, showcasing Loxion Deep’s ability to convey profound emotions through music.

The release of “Legend (Deluxe Edition)” has been met with widespread acclaim, highlighting Loxion Deep’s position as a pivotal figure in the evolution of Amapiano music. This album not only solidifies his legacy within the genre but also serves as a beacon of innovation, inspiring other artists to explore new dimensions within their music.

In conclusion, “Legend (Deluxe Edition)” by Loxion Deep is a groundbreaking addition to the Amapiano scene, offering a fresh perspective on the genre while staying true to its roots. It’s an essential listen for anyone looking to delve into the rich, dynamic world of South African music.

Legend (Deluxe Edition) Album


Track Number Title Artist(s) Duration
1 Life After Death (Intro) Loxion Deep feat. Mzweshper 5:38
2 Ungowami Loxion Deep 10:09
3 Sweet Dreams Loxion Deep feat. Double Gee & Phemelo Saxar 8:43
4 Ke Piano (Ntho Tse Monate) Loxion Deep, Rea WMNTA, & Tonic Blue 8:17
5 Uthando Loxion Deep feat. ZEENHLE 6:15
6 Eres Mi Todo Loxion Deep 6:32
7 Musicology Loxion Deep feat. El Maestro & Dini 8:26
8 Nomathemba Loxion Deep & El Maestro feat. Nele SA 8:13
9 Play Me A Song Loxion Deep feat. Dutch 10:20
10 Empini Loxion Deep feat. Ntando Yamahlubi 7:26
11 Blues & Soul Loxion Deep & El Maestro feat. Dini 8:39
12 Over Loxion Deep feat. Ntando Yamahlubi 9:30
13 Elements Of Life Loxion Deep 9:54
14 Childhood Dreams Loxion Deep & Rea WMNTA 8:52


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