Lucasraps – 7 Minutes In Heaven Ft. V.I, Kindlynxsh & Ca$hkhali

Hell is not a place anyone would love to be in. Fortunately, our destination is not that fiery hole. South African rapper Lucasraps gives fans a “7 Minutes In Heaven” musical break in a collaborative jam featuring his associates V.I, Kindlynxsh & Ca$hkhali. 

It’s a meeting of local Champs who, although not globally recognised at the moment, still have enough musical thunder to capture the attention of any audience willing to just open up to their lyrics. 

Songs come with many titles, some of which might be dubbed misnomers because they in no way relate to the bars in question. “7 Minutes In Heaven” spares the listener that. 

Yup. The title promises a lot, and the lyrics really does give a lot. With this song, you’re confident of a musical journey that’s at once refreshing and liberating. 

While the song is not heaven as we know it, it at least delivers something akin to that — music that uplifts the spirit and makes one ask for more in the tradition of, well, Oliver Twist. 

Here, if you please, is one song you can add to your playlist for today, the weekend, and even beyond, without regrets. So go ahead and Vibe to what these youngsters have composed—no qualms, peeps. 

Lucasraps – 7 Minutes In Heaven Ft. V.I, Kindlynxsh & Ca$hkhali

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